A Paraphrase On The Epistle Of St. Paul To The Ephesians (With Active Table of Contents)

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Beware of isolating verses from the paragraph. Knowing the structure of epistles helps you know where you. Ephesians Historical Background Perry L. Ephesus was a large prosperous city in Asia Minor.

Introduction to the New Testament

One of the seven wonders of the world was in Ephesus. It was a large temple dedicated to a goddess named Diana Artemis. The temple and streets were lined with immoral goddess prostitutes. It was a very wicked city and immorality flourished and flooded over.

Why Does Paul Use the Word "Mystery" So Much in the Book of Ephesians?

If you are trying to make friends, find clients, make contacts, sell them something, or anything else we might to, with one simple process, you can move one giant step toward your goal. Paul, in the book of Ephesians, demonstrates this process: Respect. Ephesians was written by Paul to the church in Ephesus. It was not necessarily written to the believers in the city of Ephesus. Written in 62 A.

Apostle Paul explains the identity of the newcomers in Christ both Jews and Gentiles having been brought together into one body with Jesus Christ at the head. The Apostle Paul spent two years here in Ephesus and wrote this letter to address the people he never met. Summary In this letter, Apostle Paul preaches to the people that in order. The purpose of this essay is to explore the book of Ephesians by commenting on critical issues, such as date, authorship, and setting, major theological themes, the purpose of the letter, and.

By studying this passage.

Analysis Of The Book ' Ephesians '

In fact John Wesley taught that there are no good works apart from and that even. Roy A.

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Fowler Marriage Comparison of 1 Corinthians and Ephesians 26 April Matters of Marriage The matters of marriage which are discussed in both 1 Corinthians and in Ephesians deal with marriage. While they both deal with marriage, each communication about marriage is different. The text in Ephesians deals specifically with the relationship of the husband and. In the ESV study bible, the authors wrote an excerpt on Ephesians prefacing the author, title, date, background information, and a description of the ancient city of Ephesus.

Relating to the author of Ephesians all scholars believed that Paul wrote the letter, until recent times where many scholars propose that an imitator or a follower of Paul wrote the letter.

The epistle of Ephesians but it is full of wisdom and things to be learned from it. One thing that can be learned from this book is unity and peace. These are two common themes in the book that can be seen in every chapter. There are also differences depending on which translation is read. We will look at each chapter and uncover the themes of unity and peace.

Mkhululi Zulu Ephesians Marriage is a process whereby two people of the opposite sex go into an agreement of being together for eternity. However, due to misunderstandings and different views in life as people get to know each other more, the issue of divorce has risen to alarming rates. In some countries, the divorce rate occurs in 50 percent of the marriages thereby destroying families. Ephesians is an example of how a happy relationship can be achieved.

The verses from 21 to Exegesis Paper- Ephesians 1. Main Idea: Ephesians Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Upon our arrival to Ephesians 4, we come to an epistle that many believe was penned by the Apostle Paul while being held in prison. In writing this letter, his primary audience is to a group of churches in 1st century Ephesus. It is important to note that in the historical context in which this letter is written, Christianity was not the popular religious belief of the nation. But rather, Ephesus was an extremely diverse culture in its religious practices throughout the city.

As a result of this. Tolar December 8, Jordan R. While most agree that this letter was written to address the church of Ephesus, some scholars believe that because the name Ephesus was not mentioned in the book, Paul was writing to all churches in Asia Minor, and Ephesus was. The letter begins with love ,6 and ends with love At the time of its writing, Paul is in Rome, imprisoned for championing the purposes of Christ and growing the church. We see numerous occurrences where Paul, being a man of little concern for the status quo, is either imprisoned or fleeing capture by Jewish or Roman officials for usurping the.

It takes the form of a letter aimed at addressing the Christian congregation. Paul wrote the letter, along with several other epistles, while incarcerated in a Roman prison. With the assistance of Tychicus, Paul sent his letter to Ephesus, the capital of lesser Asia Weber, Main Idea of Passage At one point in time, everyone lived as a sinner. But God chose to save them through grace.

Believers should respond in good works. Outline of Passage I. We used to live in disobedience as.

Ephesians Paul becomes aware of all the evil that stalks the church of Ephesus and he tries to make everybody aware by explaining them their own significance and identity in Christ. Paul guides his people through what they have to chase to avoid the devil. Paul explains how God 's armor is useful and why we need to use it. Ephesians is a call to arms for Christians. It is a reminder that we are fighting in a war for our souls with a very real adversary, and will not survive unless properly equipped.

When it comes to love and respect and what the bible says about this many look in Ephesians , many significant points can be taken from here to create a happy home environment. There are so many things to consider when being in a marriage with a man or a woman.

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Whether it is how to love, how to treat one another, and even how to respect each other. In the first three verses, 22 through 24, it talks about how wives are to submit to their husbands. It describes it as the man being the head. Be Careful then how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity,because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lords will is. There were times when I thought I had to work harder than.

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Second, the law is to convict man of sin 42 and make him aware of the inability to follow its just requirements. The law in this case is the Old Testament law, 43 which is used as a teacher 44 to lead a sinner to Christ so that by faith he can be justified. Rather, this law was to expose their inability to live in accordance to God's standard and drive them to the righteousness found only in Christ by faith.

For Christ is the end of the law. Third, the law is a rule of life for believers, describing their duties, and leading them in the way to life and salvation. This third use is only for the Christian who has already come to the savior by faith alone. It is this third use that Calvin says: The third and principle use, which pertains more closely to the proper purpose of the law, finds its place among believers in whose hearts the Spirit of God already lives and reigns.

For even though they have the law written and engraved upon their hearts by the finger of God, that is, have been so moved and quickened through the directing of the Spirit that they long to obey God, they still profit by the law in two ways. First, the law is the "best instrument" to teach the nature of the Lord's will that every Christian is to seek. And second, it is to exhort every Christian by meditating on it so it can arouse obedience. Calvin describes the law in relation to the flesh as "a whip to an idle and balky ass, to arouse it to work.

When he uses works in the negative, he has the second use of the law in view. The law was never designed to justify, but in the New Covenant, it is used to expose sin and lead to faith in Christ.

Ephesians - Paul, an apostle - Verse-by-Verse Commentary

It is at this point that Paul levels all meritorious efforts in law keeping. But once faith is established, Paul shifts to the third use of the law. Paul exhorts believers to live a righteous life as described in the Decalogue. The works are performed not for the purpose of salvation, but because of salvation.

Works never earned righteousness, rather works display the righteousness already possessed in Christ. James has only this third use of the law in mind. His audience may have heard a distorted understanding of Paul's teaching.