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Can their love survive betrayal Are you sure you want to continue? Cancel Accept. Will Reina and Aiko reunite with stronger hearts, or is it finally time to go their separate ways? And if they do split up, who will help them pick up the pieces - the stoic therapist, the desperate socialite, or the young couple who initiated this mess to begin with?

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Add to Wishlist. Aiko and Reina have been together for almost 20 years, yet one thing remains unsaid between them: "Daisuki," or, "I love you. But Reina doesn't understand complex concepts like "love" or other heavy emotions.

She's spent years supporting her girlfriend via a soul-sucking salary job and tending to their mutual needs in the bedroom. Isn't that sufficient? In a culture demanding Reina choose between the "feminine" and the "masculine" worlds, it's bad enough she's trying to find her role without Aiko adding extra pressure. Do you remember? Aiko asked her girlfriend, as they sat in a fancy restaurant and dined in celebration of their anniversary. You came to me after your rehearsal, and told me you wanted to get ice cream with me. Reina put down her wine glass and considered the floral centerpiece on their table.

She rarely made eye contact with Aiko in public, even after so many years. I guess so. It was a long time ago. Nineteen years. Aiko smiled, the corners of her mouth bashing away her blushing. Aiko cleared her throat and pushed aside her empty plate of chicken alfredo. Reina fidgeted with her utensils and her glass, as if convinced everyone waited for them to do something non-platonic. Aiko searched the room: other Japanese couples, all of them heterosexual; an upper-middle class family with two teenagers; a small group of female friends toasting to good times.

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She and Reina were the sole same-sex couple in there. Doubtless anyone stealing a glance at them would assume they were good friends, or sisters, maybe cousins. Reaching out to put her hand on the table, Aiko looked to Reina for reciprocation. They went easy on the public affection, but the restaurant was dim and nobody watched the quiet ladies in the center of the gallery.

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Aiko invited her girlfriend with a timid gaze. It stung, but she was not surprised. Not here. Not in a place like this. Aiko was the one who suggested they come to a nice restaurant for their anniversary.

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Aiko liked elegant things, but the fact her girlfriend dressed up in a pantsuit and combed her hair down was a miracle. She loves me. She dressed up for me. Reina would rather go to a bar in Ni-chome where the lesbian bartenders would tease them about their steady relationship.

They were regulars at almost all the stops. You know what I want. They took a taxi home to avoid the crowded trains.

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Reina kept her eyes on the window while Aiko fought back titters over how happy she felt. Probably from the wine. She hucked back the last of it because Reina was in such a hurry to leave.

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Everything changed the moment they walked through their front door. As if a switch flipped, Reina turned more into her old self and kicked her shoes off like a slob, leaving them upside down in the genkan. They scurried up the stairs, their clothing falling off their bodies as if nothing but air. The best Reina could do was pick her up at the waist and shuffle her into their bedroom where they had fornicated every few days for fifteen years. Reina was intense that night. She was always intense during sex, but this time Aiko swore a new passion burst behind every kiss and thrust and guttural moan.

. Daisuki Lesbian Erotic Romance Renai Rensai Book 1 English Edition

She imagined they were like the majestic tigers she saw on the animal shows on TV, cunning cats swatting and rolling while they attempted to tame their mate. Another silly fantasy.

Reina was the tiger here — here and everywhere in their relationship. All the other women thought so. Reina was, for lack of a better word, an onna tarashi , or a lady killer, a womanizer, or any other silly term their American friend came up with. Reina had the uncanny ability to approach any woman and at least get a giggle out of her.

Given the right atmosphere, Reina could get more than a giggle. When Aiko met her, Reina was a twenty-year-old in the entertainment industry who spent all her wages on cigarettes, alcohol, and cover charges for lesbian clubs where she would pick up anyone for casual sex.

Now Reina hovered around forty, and although she handed in her long hair and glittery stage dresses for a business suit and cropped hair long ago, she still spent her allowances on cigarettes, alcohol, and entertaining other women when she and Aiko went downtown on the weekends.