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Dance it Up is so much more than a Dance Studio, its one big family. Helping others and to give back and for the kids to have positive attitudes. The gatherings, the games, the camps, the workshops the trips and the experience of dance. Kaylyn has come a long way since she started at Dance it Up! This organization is very family oriented.

My child enjoys going there, being greeted with smiles and all the well planned events. At Dance it Up, you teach more than just dance. You teach the kids life lessons that they can take with them throughout their lives. You teach the kids the importance about giving back.

Dance it up has been so great for Madi.

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She has learned so much in the short time she has been there. I have seen her grow and want to keep learning. I know she loves it for all those reasons and moreā€¦. Phone: danceitup hotmail. More than just.

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Learn More. Dancer's Are Musicians Too Get to know us!

Why Dance it Up? Changing Lives Since Trying to decide between a few different dance and music schools to enroll at? What's New Keep up to date with the latest news. So, thank you for all your work and leadership in creating a great environment for all of the dancers who walk through your doors! We thought the annual performance was amazing.


Innovative, interesting choreography. Creative costuming and very professional overall. Really impressed!

I want to thank you and your wonderful staff. My daughter truly loves to dance.

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I am so happy that she is a part of Dance Revelation. Our daughter had so much fun.

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I feel like I have not done enough for all you have done for my daughter. It means the world to me she is able to keep dancing! You all inspire me so much!

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This is directed to the staff and entire organization of Dance Revelation. My wife and I have commented many times that the values you instill in these young women and girls is a generous gift to them. Not only did we find, in Dance Revelation, exactly what we hoped for The director even approached asked about her dance studio. We wanted you to know how much her dance instruction is really making a huge difference.

My daughter loved her first dance class.

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At every opportunity, she showed people that she learned to walk on her tip toes. Wish I had a dollar for every time she said 'watch this! The instructor last night in my daughter's class did a job well done. She worked those girls.