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A reputable personal stylist will be affiliated with an accredited industry body, such as the Federation of Image Professionals International FIPI , [3] which sets the industry standards in line with City and Guilds and is based in the UK. Training is offered by a number of image schools and can take up to an intense month to complete.


The United Kingdom has a growing industry of personal stylists, who offer style and fashion tips and image consultancy for corporate customers. Prominent subscription personal styling services include the online subscription and personal shopping service Stitch Fix founded in and the personalized mid- to high-end men's and women's clothing service Trunk Club founded in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Personal styling [ edit ] A personal stylist is concerned with an individual rather than a particular fashion brand.

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Business Insider. Retrieved 1 July Evans's advice for aspiring personal stylists? Schwartz begins by asking her client a few questions over a call and then has them come into Nordstrom.

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Then, we work together to try everything on and find items that accommodate their personal style, as well as needs and wants. After the appointment, I set a follow-up for a closet consult to [incorporate] their new pieces into their existing wardrobe," she explains. After the initial consultation, the stylist spends some time — maybe a few weeks if they don't only work with one retailer — shopping. That can run the gamut from online to in-store, and stylists typically develop special "VIP" relationships with retailers that might include discounts, early access to new collections and dedicated personal shoppers to work with them.

The 8 Qualities of a Successful Personal Stylist - Inside Out Style

I do a lot at Saks and a lot at Barneys; Saks particularly makes it enjoyable and easy, they're accommodating and they have a perks program for the stylists which I think, at this point, if you don't I mean, there are so many [other] options," says Lublin. That's my sweet spot. Evans even scours resale and vintage retailers, as well as utilizes her costume-design resources to build custom pieces for her clients. Then, the stylist meets with the client again for a fitting — this could be at the client's home, in the stylist's office if they have one, or, in Schwartz's case, at Nordstrom — where the stylist isn't just presenting the client with options, but is also styling full head-to-toe looks, even if it's with items the client already owns.

It brings people a certain sense of confidence, like: 'You think I can wear this? You can wear that. It's also important to be thorough. You can't trust them [to put the full look together]; they could really veer off.

I had that happen to me and I'm like, 'I swear I didn't pick the shoes! Relationships with clients should be ongoing. The stylists I spoke with see the majority of their clients around twice per month as part of their wardrobe-building and updating process, so unlike some other freelance careers, this can be a consistent gig as long as you have a solid, loyal client base.

That said, people often choose this line of work because of the flexibility it offers. As far as income, payment structures vary. Some, like those who work with a particular retailer, make most of their income through commission based on what their clients buy. These people view stylists as part of their team, just as important as having an assistant, a therapist, or a personal trainer. In an instant, image can convey so many things, such as success, status, character, personality, and of course style. Whether you like it or not, people will formulate an opinion about you before they even know you, solely based on what you are wearing and how you carry yourself.

Simply put, a stylist will help you to create a positive brand and a strong professional image. You probably already surround yourself with people that help you to streamline your life and make the best use of your time and money, as well as help you to stay fit, healthy, and at the top of your game. Most busy executives have armies of assistants, employees, secretaries, advisers, drivers, personal trainers, and executive coaches. With such a strong team in place, the one thing that should NOT fall by the wayside is your professional image. Just as you would have your assistant schedule your week, it makes sense that you would have a stylist to make sure that your wardrobe aligns with your professional image, and that you are always prepared for that presentation, meeting, event, or trip.

Your image should NOT be an afterthought, and a Stylist will make sure that even though you may not want to focus on it, you are on the top of your game. All of these people play a very important part in conveying to the world who you are and what you stand for. Stylists are connectors, and establishing a relationship with a stylist goes well beyond just clothing. A personal Stylist will become a close part of your team, and usually a close confidant.

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They will know your body better than anybody else, and can be trusted to give un-biased opinions and suggestions that nobody else in your life will give you. Sound familiar? A Stylist will sort and arrange your closet in a way that makes sense. They will go through your wardrobe and determine what needs to be donated and what can be taken to the tailor a good stylist will even schedule a tailor to stop by and do alterations on site.

Most importantly, a Stylist will assess your body, your personal and professional image, and your lifestyle, and will work with you to curate a wardrobe fits all of your needs, and will be organized in a way that streamlines your day to day life. They also know where to get the best deals! A good stylist will shop from several different stores and designers to bring you a wardrobe that not only aligns with your needs and budget, but also seamlessly integrates into your existing wardrobe.

They will know which designers will work for your style and body type, and which ones to avoid, as well as which items are worth spending extra money on and which items you can save on.

6 Essential Tips On How To Become A Personal Stylist And Be Successful

Since no two people are alike, this is a VERY personal experience, as a Stylist will never buy the exact same things for multiple clients. To top it off, they always have the perfect jackets, vests, and sweaters to transition with all of the weather changes. They never seem to have the awkward fashion moments that the rest of us have.