Libro dell’acqua (Autografie) (Italian Edition)

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Le indagini compiute collaborando con l'amico Stefano, un vero investigatore dal carattere imperscrutabile, e la sua ex compagna Claudia, donna forte ma lunatica e carnale, lo porteranno a vivere situazioni drammatiche e pericolose al limite del surreale. STILE Ho scritto questo racconto, lasciando la narrazione al protagonista, in prima persona in tempo presente. Accostandomi al thriller psicologico, e dando una certa preponderanza ai pensieri del personaggio principale, ho cercato una soluzione di scrittura tale da omettere l'impiego di accorgimenti grammaticali, tipo il virgolettato o l'uso del corsivo, che forse avrebbero appesantito il testo e rallentato la lettura.

Professionalmente ha fatto un po' di tutto; lavorato in fabbrica a catena, nelle ''marmerie'' e nelle cave. L'elettricista, il magazziniere, il radio-riparatore e l'assemblatore di computer quando internet ancora non esisteva. Read more Read less. I: Pierrot Italian Edition.

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The Forum worked throughout receiving executive support and coordination from the Bassetti Foundation, led by Angela Simone. Two virtual meetings were held to discuss the responsible regional governance of cutting-edge issues on research and innovation, such as AI, smart mobility and precision medicine. The Region's Open Innovation Platform hosts a series of interviews with the Forum members, which are also included as individual posts on the Foundation website. Links can be found here [11]. Journal of Responsible Innovation The Foundation continued its collaboration with the Journal of responsible Innovation throughout the year.

The website hosts reviews of each edition [12] and this year once again saw the publication of an article written in the name of the foundation within the Journal. Jonathan Hankins published a review of the Delft University Responsible innovation: ethics, safety and technology, some personal thoughts on the MOOC, a review of which is available here [13] , alongside the opportunity for readers to download this and other articles from the journal free of charge through the website. Hurry though, copies are limited. Launched in November with a three-year roadmap, the goal of AI4People is to create a common public space for laying out the founding principles, policies and practices on which to build a "good AI society".

On behalf of the Foundation [15] , Simone contributed to commenting and revising the "Ethical Framework for a good AI Society", authored by the AI4People's scientific committee, released in November Watch this space for further developments. This year CORES network celebrated the launch of its new website, a cycle of meetings on social change and transition and the Feeding the World; local solutions foe a global issue Conference. Both Jonathan Hankins and Cristina Grasseni attended the meeting, with Hankins presenting a paper in which he described the relationship between aesthetics and morality, arguing that communities often use the concept of beauty to determine whether something is morally just or not.

The event included the presentation of three specially designed roadmaps, i. Each SMART Map contains a collection of concrete tools that companies, responsible innovation ecosystem stakeholders and RRI enablers can use to implement responsible innovation processes in industrial settings, while discovering new business opportunities, anticipating trends in the market, and improving business and technological roadmaps to account for new values and societal instances.

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Further details can be found here [17]. In the final review of the project, the e-book was evaluated as a novel and relevant dissemination tool. It is free to download here [18] , and its aim is to provide an easy-to-use guide for RRI enablers of responsible innovation ecosystems.

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To celebrate its release a launch event was held at the Foundation at the end of October that brought together the coordinator of the project, Prof. Francesco Lescai Aarhus University , the deputy coordinator, Angela Simone, from Bassetti Foundation, and representatives from the project and from many of the other organizations that form part of the Foundation's network. Details can be found here [19]. The white paper implicitly covers innovation opportunities and innovation responsibilities, the two main areas to emerge from the analysis of the self-driving society.

How can these two often but wrongly identified as opposite aspects of innovation be integrated? It is available on free download [20] from the website. Scienziati in Affanno also saw the publication in Italian in both paper and digital format of "Scienziati in affanno? The authors find themselves in good company, with a host of chapters from well known authors in the field.

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The book is available to download here [22] and a series of interviews conducted by Anna Pellizzone with the editors conducted for the Foundation is available here [23]. Guardare oltre. Innovazione e politica nell'esperienza di Piero Bassetti As part of the celebrations of Foundation President Piero Bassetti's 90th birthday he was presented with "Guardare oltre. The book retraces Piero Bassetti's political career and his landmark intellectual and strategic contributions to fundamental institutions of Italy's economic, political and academic functioning such as the Region Lombardy, Milan's Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, the Globus and Locus foundation and last but not least the Giannino Bassetti foundation itself.

Video of the presentation and various conversations and festivities are available here [24]. Science, society and citizens: suggestions and hopes on how to foster RRI in Horizon Europe This publication, a flash commentary published in the open access Journal of Science Communication, was co-edited by Foundation collaborator Angela Simone with public engagement expert Marzia Mazzonetto.

The document is a collection of short commentaries authored by a broad range of contributors from within academia and public policy, all of whom have consolidated experience of working within or alongside European Union funded projects, and with the aim of highlighting the importance of maintaining the central role of the RRI approach in the forthcoming EU framework programme to support EU Research and Innovation Horizon Europe.