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The holding characteristics. Annual rings Bark side Pith side Standard grademarks include the grade designation and the symbol of an authorized grading agency. Grademarks may Conversion factors for siding, paneling, decking and appear on the face, edge or end of a piece. This factor allows for width lost in dressing or lapping. The California Redwood Association publishes a wide variety of publications relating to redwood products. In some cases, an RIS Certificate of Inspection Contact the Association for product, technical and pro- may be used to identify the lumber grade.

Redwood Landscape Architecture All patterns shown are pictured as they are usually Applying redwood: run through the matcher as viewed from the head of the Redwood CKD Siding Patterns and Applications machine looking toward the outfeed end. Many products are produced surfaced one side and saw-textured one side.

This surface is Maintenance Cycles derived from resawing at the planer mill and is not to be confused with the surface of rough lumber the initial product manufactured at the headrig in a sawmill. Saw-textured surfaces are preferable for many applications because they hold finishes better and show blemishes less. They shall also be distinguished from nominal 1-inch boards on invoices and certificates. For wider patterns, position nails one quarter the width of the material in from each edge.

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With air-seasoned Channel Shiplap patterns, butt the edges snugly together. Drive nail so shank Nail must clears the top of the preceding penetrate undercourse. Drive nail about one inch above lower edge of course. With air-seasoned penetrate Rabbeted Bevel patterns, butt solid wood the edges snugly together. We avoided planting directly in the soil, instead we brought in potted plants.

Contrary to media reports, no redwood trees were harmed by the wedding or construction. At least none that I'm aware of. While we made some mistakes, by and large the biologists who were sent out to the site by the CCC and others were happy with the measures we'd taken.

Timber Thieves Threaten California’s Redwood Giants

Of course it's impossible to get everything exactly right at a production of this scale. Keep in mind when we found it, the campground was full of black asphalt roads, picnic tables, and all kinds of other man-made structures. Everything we built was designed to be dismantled and removed after the wedding. I inquired about the need for permits early in the process and was informed that, due to the temporary nature of the construction, no such permit would be required.

Almost all the structures you see were designed to be temporary--they were actually built off-site and then reassembled on the topsoil of the campground. There is no mortar inside them, so they will just come apart like legos and get carried off. My original agreement with Ventana provided for me to restore the property to the condition in which I had found it, which was anything but perfect.

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The campground was missing all the normal sorrel leaf ground cover and other foliage. All the the greenery that you see in my photographs had to be brought in by me since the campground had been totally stripped of any vegetation when I found it. My goal was to leave the property in much better condition than when I found it. More importantly, because I was just renting the site from a hotel, my representatives were told by relevant agencies, such as the CCC and Monterey County planning commission, that it was the responsibility of the property owner, not the hotel guest, to obtain any necessary permits.

How can a hotel guest paying a hotel to host their wedding be in a position to legally apply for permits covering a property that they do not own?

CRA's Redwood Lumber Patterns No. 17 -

There was neither an obligation, contractual or otherwise, nor any legal way for me to apply for permits. This is all work that is consistent with the kind of conservation work I'm already doing. We have some great ideas about how to provide affordable read: free camping by bussing under-privileged kids and other groups into the Big Sur area for a free camping experience that they would get to have otherwise.

Keep in mind, this is a minimum contribution, I am open to giving much more as the conservation projects develop. The vision behind this wedding was to integrate with nature as much as possible, to bring out the natural beauty of the site while incorporating the kinds of things that one would need at a wedding. We did as much landscaping as possible using native species ferns, sorrel ground cover, forget-me-not flowers , and everything was placed in potted plants with mulch around them so as not to plant or introduce foreign species into the forest.

We used no invasive species. There were no "ruined castles" built in the forest. The only stonework were walkways for the guests and walls that served as barriers between the different areas.

CRA's Redwood Lumber Patterns No. 17 - Pages 1 - 28 - Text Version | AnyFlip

I don't know where all this talk of castles and towers and things came from. The stonework is actually hollow filled with bird wire so that it can be removed quickly. We had a very specific aesthetic vision for this event that was subtle, tasteful, and carefully orchestrated. Everything we did was an homage to nature, to the natural redwood environment which I call "God's cathedral. Finally, you mention that what we did was "extravagant" yet none of the usual tasteless crap that rich people do at their weddings was present here -- no ice sculptures, no caviar, no pop stars hired to sing their hits songs, etc.

This is why your article and so many other articles have been so deeply offensive. Maybe I will be allowed to release some photos of the event at some point so you can see first hand what we created rather than just speculating based on what else has been published in the press. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content. Sign in Subscribe.

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