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To take the idea of sharing code even further, you can become a part of the open source community and make your Swift package available to a global audience. A common use case for Swift packages involves adopting them for your existing shared component. Use the sample Package. The amount of configuration depends on your shared component; you can configure minimum deployment targets, package targets, products, and the paths to your source and test files.

Convert an Android App to iOS │Tools, Methods, Requirements

Choose a name and select a file location. On completion, the Swift package opens in Xcode and looks very similar to a regular Xcode project. It describes the functionality of your package. The Package. You can double-click it in Finder to open the package in Xcode. Source files reside in a folder named Sources. The following code listing shows a simple package manifest:.

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A Package. The minimum version of the Swift tools and Swift language compatibility version to process the manifest.

A Brief History of Swift Language

Each version of Swift can introduce updates to the PackageDescription library, but the previous API version is available to packages which declare a prior tools version. This behavior allows you take advantage of new releases of Swift, the Swift tools, and the PackageDescription framework, without having to update your package manifest, or losing access to existing packages. To add source files to a Swift package, you can use workflows that you already know.

Set up your development project

While Swift packages are platform-independent by nature and include Linux as a target platform, your Swift packages can be platform-specific. Use conditional compilation blocks to handle platform-specific code and achieve cross-platform compatibility.

The following example shows how to use conditional compilation blocks:. In addition, you may need to define a minimum deployment target. They are designed to be controlled from the outside, via very liberal public API, with a text input controller. Most text input controllers included are based on MDCTextInputControllerBase which manipulates the exposed elements of the text field to make placeholders float.

If the trailing label should display validation information, change the text and color it. This pattern is not a delegation or data source-like relationship but rather a controller-to-view relationship: the text field does not require nor expect to be served data or instruction but is instead malleable and easily influenced by outside interference. This is a single-line text input.

Preparing an iOS app for release

This is a multi-line text input. It supports all the features of the single-line text field and UITextView plus:. See Text Field Styles for images and details.

These are the controllers that have been optimized for discoverability and clickability thru rigorous research, design iterations, and user testing. Always try to use one of these first.

Optimized for full width forms like emails. For now, the Material Design team suggests using this only when another design is impracticle. This style is still found in many applications and sites but should be considered deprecated.

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Soon to be deprecated styles only created and included for backwards compatibility of the library. They have no visual distinction from the other full width and underline controllers but their layout behaves slightly differently.