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No government. If you have a president, maybe they could make life better for the people. So, we can do nothing. Then you destabilize countries, make the economy scream, steal resources oil , public companies, etc.

Brick by brick, wall by wall, racist borders have to fall! Such is the logic of Refugees Welcome.

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When I recount the scene to Sami, he smiles, but only momentarily. Why does Sami worry? Luiz Santos. Ike Release. Matthew Foord.

Peep Inside the Jungle

Archeo Recordings. Lieven Vander Weyden. Jennifer Cardini. Colin Morrison. Jamie Tregurtha.

"Every man for himself and God for us all"

Neil Sherwood. Mike Allin.

What do you want to do?

Ash Turner aka Smashleygroove. Sandro Khvedeliani.

Look inside the jungle

Noam Pines. Antony Meijer. Dan Wainwright. Mehdi El-Aquil. Ty Stamp.


Luc Lippens. Tony Peterson. Simon Davis. We've got to try and disguise the smells and the shapes of these things as much as possible.

Inside NATURE: Undercover in the Jungle | Nature | PBS

It's not a bad place to hide cables in the sense that there are just creepers and vines just kind of everywhere - It's hard to know we've laid a camera sometimes. You go into the cave entrance down there, where you've neatly cut the cables into the side of that wall, plastered it over. But connecting power and getting video links from multiple cameras was a huge task, and the tough conditions of the Amazon Rainforest called for some even tougher equipment.

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  8. It's rodent proof, it's water proof, it's ant and insect proof, and it's super light as well. This allows us to have our camera base several hundred meters away from the cameras so that we're gonna be in a place where we're not going to disturb any of these animals and be able to monitor them without altering their behavior. And after the huge technical challenge of rigging this entire area of jungle, we could now begin the even bigger task of using our network of cameras to try and film the intimate lives of the animals here. Full Episode Available. Transcript Print - [Narrator] Our mission, to take a rig of remotely operated cameras and install them into one of the wildest rain forests on Earth, would be a film making challenge like no other.

    Tired and wet, we finally arrived at our filming location.