The Story of Mad Maxine (short story)

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Kayfabe Wrestling. Archived from the original on Slam Wrestling. Bella finds two rotting corpses in the upstairs bedroom, taking car keys and a shotgun from them. Now the sun has risen, the dog has recharged and gains access to the compound by inserting its leg into a slot. As the dog approaches, Bella leaps out and throws paint over its visual sensor, then throws the paint can to the corner of the room.

Hearing it clatter, the dog rushes over and attacks the wall while Bella runs. She turns the ignition, but the battery is marginally too drained to start the car. The radio plays " Golden Brown " by The Stranglers.

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The dog follows the noise and climbs inside the car. Bella shoots the dog and it stabs her in the leg; she shoots it again and it falls to the ground. The dog releases another shell, showering Bella with shrapnel. In the bathroom mirror, Bella sees shrapnel-embedded trackers in her face. She lifts a knife, but notices a tracker in her jugular.

Bella speaks into her walkie-talkie, unaware if she can be heard, saying goodbye to her loved ones. As she puts the knife to her throat, the camera pans out over the landscape where dogs are seen approaching and investigating. In the warehouse, the box's contents—dozens of teddy bears—have spilled onto the floor. Maxine Peake stars in the episode as Bella. Joel Collins worked as the production designer.

It was filmed in black and white, a style which had been considered for Black Mirror before but never used. Brooker came up with the episode's central idea while watching videos of Boston Dynamics ' robotics products such as BigDog. He found that there was something "creepy" in how the products, if knocked over, would look helpless as they worked to regain their stance.

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Brooker captured this idea in the scene where the dog breaks through the van's back window, but ends up off its legs. Brooker's original script featured a human operating the dog from his home, including a scene where the operator left the "control unit" to give his kids a bath. However, this felt "superfluous", so the intention became for the episode to tell "a very simple story" and hence Brooker pared back the plot.

Camouflage for the dogs was designed but not used. Slade initially received the script in June , whilst finishing work on the first series of American Gods. Slade was involved in Peake's casting, and had a large amount of autonomy during filming. A large amount of location scouting was carried out, with Slade looking for "incredibly soft and overcast" light and "desolation".

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The day shoot took place in England, largely in Devon and around London. Real Lidar scans were used to create the scenes shown from the dog's perspective.

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Collins noted that the dog is "almost humanized" by its movement and damaged arm and compared the dog's multifaceted limbs to Pin Art. The final scene shows a case full of teddy bears, which were yellow in real life but appear white in the episode. In May , a Reddit post unofficially announced the names and directors of the six episodes in series 4 of Black Mirror.

Beginning on 24 November , Netflix published a series of posters and trailers for the fourth series of the show, referred to as the "13 Days of Black Mirror ".

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The episode has widely been described as a simplified version of The Terminator , [24] [25] [28] a film which—similar to "Metalhead"—is "about a human run ragged by an android's unceasing pursuit". Dick short story " Second Variety ". The episode can be seen to explore the AI control problem : Ed Cumming of The Telegraph questioned how one could "set limits on [the] ruthlessness" of a robotic guard dog.

Slade has stated that if there is a theme, it is "how important it is to hold onto our humanity". Reviewers have commented on early dialogue in the car, when Bella, Anthony and Clarke pass some pigsties. Bishop believed it is a metaphor for economic inequality. The episode has received mostly positive reviews. Reviewers have widely commented on the episode's minute running time.

Sims praised the storyline as "taut", writing that it didn't "waste a moment". The episode's minimalism was praised by Zack Handlen of The A. I'm assuming because it is an older name that you don't hear very often these days.

My name is Maxine. I must say this is typically how a conversation goes when I first meet someone.

Cool name. Other than no one really understanding it at first, it's a cool name to have. I hated it when I was a kid. But then when I got older I realized that I've only met 3 other Maxine's in my lifetime. Whenever I go out and hear someone call my name, I know they are probably talking to me, so I'm not one of twenty people who turns to look. However, you are victim to the nickname Maxi-pad. My name is also Maxine. When I was younger my older sister called me Maxi-pad and it was extremely bothersome. However, I now quite enjoy my name. It is very original. My best friend's name is Hannah, and a lot of the time when we are in school someone will call out to a Hannah and she turns to look, but they are not calling to her.