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So she steals the moon and puts it on her brooch and it shows the moon phases on the brooch. Again he smiles his beautiful wife wearing the beautiful sky. She steals the individual planets next. Stealing bits of the sky from the sky. The day the king gets better he goes out on the balcony to see the precious sky his queen has been reminding him off. And he looks out and its just dark. He is saddened that the subjects of their kingdom have been deprived of the night sky. The queen, seeing his dismay throws all the planets, stars, and the moon back out into the sky for all to enjoy.

I'm looking for a book I checked out multiple times in grade school ? Alot more stuff I cant seem to remember but it was a big hardcover book. Hello, I'm trying to find the name of a book I read in High school. The only facts I have about it that I can recall is that the society of people were forbidden to climb the mountains. The main character does so towards the end of the book only to find that their world is inside a dome where the sun is on a track.

Also the character finds something that says "Heat seeking robot" on it. I never got to read the entire book and it has driven me crazy for years.

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I graduated in I'm looking for a book about a guy who's steals someone's skin and wears it as a disguise to hide. I'm looking for a book I swear its called Into hell or something along the lines. Its about guy whose girlfriend gets into devil worshipping and she sets their house on fire and dies only to come back to to try and kill him. I believe it was printed in the 90s. I am looking for a book I read in grade school maybe printed in the s or s about two women who had a head and body transplant, or swap. I believe one of the character's name is Julia.

Any comments or suggestions about how to find it? Or the title? I'm looking for a book I read in my middle school library. It was a novel about a girl having a imaginary friend after she moved to a new town or something along those lines? I vaguely remember the cover being a pastel yellow.

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I am looking for a book I have never read. I saw it in our school library, but could not check it out at the time. Now I cannot find it. It is a newish book I think about a boy who sends messages or emails to a few people. Only one person answers him, and he goes and kills that girl. That is all I remember from the description of the book. Any help would be appreciated! Aleniz: is it The Boy from Tomorrow? Recently published true story of a wealthy young english girl going off to France WW1 to become a nurse and did so again WW2. It was a story of finding forgiveness.

It was paperback and I can not remember the author. Anyone remember the book or have a copy? She the escapes. New womens fiction- heavyset mom dresses as cyndi lauper for a fundraiser at her sons private school. Her son is know for peeing in a girls water bottle. I'm looking for the title or author of a fairly recent book about a young girl who goes to work with her professor father and then he dies.

She finds something interesting in her attic and is friends with an academic friend of her father who lives down the street.

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The book ended on a semi-cliffhanger as it was never revealed if the online chat presence was in fact an alien or if it was a hoax. Any information would be helpful! I am trying to find a book i read as a young girl. It was paperback and had a glowing ball on the front. There was a young girl who lived in the house I think with maybe a grandmother?

Girl and boy live in same building a hundred years apart.


They touch an object in the attic and communicate. He falls in love with her and warns her because she is going to get murdered or something for her fortune.

He manages to stay in her time by inflicting pain onto himself while connected to her and the object somehow. He helps her, she then leaves her fortune and papers of ownage for him in the attic to save his family from getting evicted from the building that in the future is a home for poor people and the object is gone. Some details may be different as I was 11 when I read it and my memory of the events 22 years later might be a bit wrong.

I don't know the title or author of the book, but I loved it and would like my daughter to read it, because she has the same taste in books as me. Any suggestions? YA book about a girl named Olivia.

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She is looking for her father because her family is now poor and living out their car. She has a little brother and a imaginary friend that she sees through a mirror.. I think. I read this back in or I'm looking for a ya book about a boy in highschool who is never named that falls in love with a girl who is "quirky," and doesn't fit it. I believe the boy finds she died by falling into a frozen river. I also believe the book has something about snow in the title and that its a question.

I read it around Urban fiction about a girl who graduates college and starts a youth program. She is also good with a gun because her father taught her how to use.

I believe her name wss samara brown but thats a guess. She gets into it with some hood guys. He father is alive and she has a half brother who was looking out for her also that she didn't know about. Looking for a fictional illustrated trilogy about four children who have to contend with dark forces, evil etc.

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Read this in a Canadian School library in the 70s. Driving me nuts trying to find it. Please help. I am looking for a YA book published around - I believe it was titled "honey" or something like that. The main character was nick-named Honey by her mom. Her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in the book and died. I am desperately trying to find this book to re-read it. It was right after reading this book that we were told as kids that our mom had cancer. It really changed my life and I have searched for it as an adult and have never found it. I may be mistaking the title - but don't believe so.

Can anyone help? The cover had a biohazard symbol on it. Water, and a dock I think. The water made people sick. The main character drank the water and got stronger. I'm looking for the name of a children's book. If I remember correctly it was about a kind of fat blob and a bird I think and at one point the bird one if thats what it was my memory is really foggy had an egg and the fat one sat on it and was warming it and there was also this big tree that they sat under and at one point there was singing? I was a foster kid living in the country.

The Catholic nun read the class a story about tree that was unhappy but in the end of the story it was happy because it became a Christmas tree. The nun had to pass the book around so we could have a look at the pictures.