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Social media, advertisements, TV shows, movies, music, and even sometimes our own friends and family tell us that there is something wrong with us or that we need to change. The entire song is about knowing who you are and excepting and owning yourself, but also understanding that if you want to change something you can. As human beings, we constantly want to be progressing in some aspects of our life.

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However, this could lead us to fear, self-doubt, and thinking that we are not enough. In most cases, we feel like we must be perfect to have self-worth. So, we start looking for things that are going to make us feel worthy. Then, we turn to external influences and resources to mend us and make us feel whole. We start turning to those things of the world like money, having the perfect body, having more followers or likes, accomplishing great things, seeking relationships, having the perfect house, business, etc.

We start to believe and convince ourselves that if we have these things or accomplish these things, then our self-worth will be something, then our self-worth will be MORE. One of my favorite teachers shared a story about a soccer player who is extremely talented, but when he missed a shot during a very important game he then became a failure.

All because of one missed shot, he was considered a failure and a loser in his eyes. When in reality he was just human. Your self-worth is not attached to anything in this world—it is infinite. We should start basing our self-worth on the fact that we are human.

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I wanted this day to make her feel extremely happy and loved. Your comments here are problematic to say the least. They will grow up to be irrational, religious maniacs, much like you are.

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Also, you say real men love Jesus, but that is patently false. Cart 0. Menu Cart 0.

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Send Thank You cards for every act of hospitality — 3. Travel light through life. Keep only what you need. Put cinnamon in your coffee, and twice as much when you miss me. Happiness is not a permanent state.

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Never walk through an alley alone. Always be mindful of your surroundings. Hold your heroes to a high standard. Be your own hero.

Your body, your rules. If you have an opinion, you better know why. Study your curiosities and practice your passions. Ask for what you want. Be Bold. Wish on stars and dandelions, then get to work. Hard work pays off. Fall hard and forever in love with God, with yourself. Naps are for grown-ups, too. Question everything except your own intuition.

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You have enough. You are enough. Don't worry about anything but, pray about everything. Have confidence in knowing your self-worth.