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Arbitral decisions rendered These are decisions rendered by an arbitral tribunal. Included are those decisions that concern the substance of the case and affect the final outcome. Discontinuance orders and settlement agreements are also recorded if such information is available.

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Not included are any other supplementary arbitral decisions, e. Similarly, procedural orders issued by arbitral tribunals are not included. Amounts claimed and awarded Amount claimed refers to the amount of monetary compensation claimed by the investor, not including interest, legal costs or costs of arbitration. Amount awarded refers to the amount of monetary compensation awarded by the arbitral tribunal to the claimant, not including interest, legal costs or costs of arbitration.

For proceedings that end in a settlement, the amount of compensation that the State agreed to pay to the claimant under the terms of settlement if known is recorded in this section. To enable comparisons between cases, all amounts are also converted to US dollars.

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For the purposes of such conversion, the OANDA Historical Currency Converter is being used; the date of conversion is the date of the document or other source from which the information was obtained e. Whenever possible, information about amounts claimed and awarded is obtained from primary sources such as the arbitration documents. Otherwise, it is derived from other publicly available sources that are deemed reliable. As a general rule, a rounded figure to the nearest hundred thousand of the amount claimed or awarded is provided.

If the claimant provides more than one valuation of damages claimed, the highest of these amounts is recorded. When the relevant case documentation is not publicly available, information about breaches alleged may be obtained from other public sources that are deemed reliable. Information about breaches found is primarily derived from the arbitral decisions. When the relevant decision is not publicly available, information about breaches found may be obtained from other public sources that are deemed reliable.

Composition of tribunal These are individuals who serve as members of the arbitral tribunal adjudicating the dispute arbitrators. The disputing party i. In case an arbitrator has been replaced by another individual e.

For example, in a case where a final award has been rendered but it is later subject to a follow-on proceeding e. ICSID annulment proceeding , the status of the case is marked according to the outcome of the original arbitral proceeding i. Additional information This section provides links to sources of information used for gathering data for the case at hand or otherwise relevant to that case. Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator. Concluded original arbitration proceedings:.

Decided in favour of State Decided in favour of investor Decided in favour of neither party liability found but no damages awarded Settled Discontinued. Sources of information and frequency of updating The information included in the Navigator is collected from publicly available sources.

Methodological notes for the recording of data Full case name The full case name is recorded as it appears in the official case documents and as it is registered at the administering institution if applicable listing the claimants in alphabetical order. Great teachers, Merida has a University with a city inside. The facilities are not new but they are well. It is a very good university, but many teachers are missing, it has a very large campus with football stadium, recreational activities are always done for the students.

Sometimes you have problems with administration, but it's a very good university because famous people have studied there. I studied Literature and Literature with a specialization in English Language, with two specializations, teaching and translation, at the University of Los Andes. This university is considered the first University in the country, because its research principle gives it a high prestige and position. The faculties, in their majority, are in the center of the city; but the humanities is more towards the mountainous area.

This is also a university with diverse programs for both humanists and scientists, with programs in engineering, architecture, health sciences, economics, law, among many others. It is also characterized by excellence in its teaching. The university was careful that teachers who were not teachers, for example doctors, dentists, engineers or some other specialist, were taught the teaching component. I can say that during my time university life was very particular, being easy to recognize to see the students to which faculty they belonged, given that there were dress codes and personal characterization depending on the race which was not seen in other universities.

Although many things have changed over the years, the ULA is still the best university in Venezuela with international renown. In my time when we graduated from high school, it was relatively easy to enter the University. My memories of that time, very good, because I chose a beautiful career that required a lot of dedication. They were nights of continuous work and holidays suspended until the last day, with great teachers to advise me during all that time; that finally brought enough satisfactions because I am an architect of one of the best universities in the country. The facilities and spaces of the Faculty were spectacular, I had very good colleagues with whom I still have very strong friendships, and especially the city where the university is located lent much to make the studies feel less strong.

The city with an extraordinary climate, the population mostly student, a lot of sport and one of rich and typical food, all this and the desire to meet the goals achieved the desired end, the Graduation; a day of joy with your family and friends, for the culmination of the great experience that was this race. It is listed as the best university in the country next to the UCV in Caracas.

It has perhaps the widest variety of careers in Venezuela. It is an important center for experimental scientific research, production and cultivation of artists, athletes and visionaries. It has its own means of social communication, transportation, habitas, public places and entertainment; in addition to abundant spaces for culture such as libraries, studios, theaters, galleries among others. Our house of studies is waiting for you to become part of the great motor family of Venezuela and the world of the world.

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With more than two centuries training professionals, our great house has become bigger and bigger with each graduate who has left his mark; and reciprocally, those of us who have passed through the classroom will enjoy a level of recognition that transcends borders and improves everything it touches.

If you're the owner or representative of Universidad de los Andes - ULA, you can claim this University and build a better profile. Request information for free. Universidad de los Andes - ULA reviews. My school.

The University of the Andes is undoubtedly one of the best houses of study in Venezuela I explain because in a very personal way I think that despite the country situation that Venezuela is going through the University of the Andes is still standing and enforcing your opinion your type [ View more Ask the reviewer. In education it is excellent Expert professors in various specialities are up to the task of imparting knowledge that leaves us at the level of the best universities in the world Regrettably the country's political situation has been responsible for degrading it in every way [ Name Required.

Email Required. Send my questions. Your question has been sent. We'll contact you as soon as possible. Filter by review See all reviews 2 2 11 Filter by keyword. Although he had been elected president, he thought the constitution was too liberal in character to guarantee the survival of his creation. As long as more-urgent assignments claimed his attention, however, he was willing to put up with its weak structure.

The effort to liberate Ecuador lasted about a year. At Pichincha on May 24, , he won a victory that freed Ecuador from the Spanish yoke. The territory of Gran Colombia had now been completely recovered from Spain, and its new government was recognized by the United States. Only Peru and Upper Peru remained in the hands of the Spaniards.

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Details of their discussions are not known, but presumably they covered completion of the military struggle in Peru as well as the subsequent organization of liberated Hispanic America. In September he arrived in Lima.

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The Spanish army occupied the mountains east of the city, and its position was considered unassailable. On December 9, , the Spanish viceroy lost the Battle of Ayacucho to Sucre and surrendered with his entire army. Only a small section of the continent—Upper Peru—was still defended by royalist forces. The liberation of that region fell to Sucre, and in April he reported that the task had been accomplished.

His power extended from the Caribbean to the Argentine-Bolivian border. He had conquered severe illness, which during his sojourn in Peru had made him practically an invalid for months at a time. Another of his favourite projects, a league of Hispanic American states, came to fruition in He had long advocated treaties of alliance between the American republics, whose weakness he correctly apprehended.

The four countries that attended signed a treaty of alliance and invited all other American countries to adhere to it. A common army and navy were planned, and a biannual assembly representing the federated states was projected.