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Seller Inventory ING Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Items related to Voyage Through the Mist. Voyage Through the Mist. Nelson smokes cough, cough. Seaview's status is unofficial but here to help is Senor Galdos--a fisherman who wants to "give the President the welcome he deserves. The President hated tyranny as long as someone else was the tyrant, Galdos tells them. Seaview surfaces. On the conning tower is Chip, Nelson, Lee, and Galdos. Lee and Ricardo board the empty yacht which has all its lifeboats in place.

Crane finds the ring of Fuentes--identified by Ricardo. Nelson wonders, back on Seaview, if it were a deliberate plant--how could they know they'd recognize it. Ricardo says they may know he was aboard and could ID it.

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After discussing the ring, Nelson orders radar? A crew will take the yacht to a port why? Lee, since the waters and reefs here are dangerous, commands a small group--Patterson, Kowalski, and Farrel--to take the yacht. The crewmen have on white hats while Crane has his own on. Heavy fog knocks the crew of four out. Sparks calls the Libertine but gets no answer. They have the President and now have Crane and his three men. An Oriental Colonel from an Oriental country gee, which one?

Alverez tells the two that having the four man crew-Americans all-can be used to their mutual advantage. The General took the men for propaganda purposes. Washington DC will give no support--they knew that. Chip gets a coded message from resistance fighters--telling the Seaview men to be at Banyon Cove--a flat beach. At the Presidential Palace, in the compound, Lee and the others awake.

Voyage Through the Mist

Ski moans, "I have the world's worst hangover and I haven't had a drink. Crane will admit nothing. One "traitor" will die every hour from now until midnight on this, the anniversary of their liberation. Names are being drawn by lot and the foursome have their names included. They see another man shot. Alvarez snaps, "If only they let Galba shoot you. Alverez orders sub chasers alerted. Nelson and crewman Williams prepare to go to the beach. They get a message telling them the message from the resistance fighters was intercepted. New meeting place: Bay of Red Cliffs.

Nelson says, "It seems we have a friend close to Alvarez. Nelson and Williams climb up a cliff--in long shot we see this--it is obviously outdoors and looks great. The music is excellent and in fact, is excellent for the entire episode Hugo Friedhofer. Detta is at the top. He tells her he will finish what he started.

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She insists he is wrong but he responds with, "We will see. Night--palm trees--Nelson and the others are in a beach hut of some kind. They have less than two days to get the Presidente--there will be road blocks.

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Detta tells them they must wait until tomorrow night after the celebrations--she will get them into the city and the palace. Detta tells them Fuentes pretends to side with the General but Ricardo wants to move now.

Maid of the Mist

Nelson decides to trust Detta and wait. She tells Ricardo that, "Different men have different ways of fighting. Ski insists to Crane that time is running out, adding, "Captain. Crane tells him it is those that don't hate Americans that they want to believe it.

He adds that the Admiral is doing everything to find them. Retrieved 23 January Theo Angelopoulos. Reihe Film 45 in German. Carl Hanser Verlag. Retrieved October 2, Retrieved Archived from the original on August 28, Films directed by Theo Angelopoulos.

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